Credit vs. Stabilty and Ability to Pay

YES! We do a credit check on each and every applicant that walks through our doors, prepared and ready to finance anyone a vehicle, that doesn't mean we base your approval off that. As a matter of fact, it has very little bearing on whom we decide to approve on our vehicles, we finance our own customers In House, No Banks Involved.


Don't get us wrong, great credit, high credit score is always a plus when buying or attempting to finance a New Car from a Major Dealership that traditionaly finances through lenders/banks, but your job truly is your credit here.

Obviously, banks like to see above average FICO scores and great payment history on peoples past auto loans, credit lines above $1000.00, but the fact is, 80% of Americans don't have great credit or flawless credit history. Divorces, lay offs, switching jobs or careers, pay cuts have effected alot of individuals who at one point in time in their lifes. People who had good credit with the ability to obtain bank financing, on their choice of vehicle, are no longer able to do so and need that 2nd an 3rd chance Financing and we're here to help.

Plain and simple, your credit with us is validated in a few different ways. Stability, meaning the longer you've been on your job, the longer you've lived at a single residence speaks volume to us. The better job time and residence history, the more room you have for negotiations and or a lower down payment based on those factors. Affordability, meaning the more money or income you have coming in, the better financing options we can offer.

So don't shy away because YOU feel you have terrible credit an lack confidence in a BUY HERE PAY HERE dealership. Let us decide that within a matter of mins. No point in waisting peoples time and gas if we can't get you APPROVED and FINANCED within our dealership, right?

Although everyone has different issues with their credit, feel free to call, email or text us to discuss your situation further in depth. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year for your questions, concerns and vehicle needs


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