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No Credit Check or SS# Needed to Complete Quick App

  • Please Provide your Full, First an Last legal name


  • What is your current age?


  • Do You have a Valid or Suspended TX DL/TX ID and or Out of State DL / ID card, Passport and if so, which state/country is it from? Valid Print outs from TX DMV welcomed along with TX DL/ID expired within 12 months, is perfectly fine as well.


  • Are You FT or PT employed, is it through a Temp agency, does your Spouse Work too, any Supplemental Income that can be proved ie SSI / SSD income which is verifiable, cash app and or screen shots work for proof as well?


  • When was your actual start date or Full Time Employment? Or when did you actually go permament from temp hire and are your working full time hours now?


  • What is your hourly wage, salary and or bonuses? Please provide actual/current rate of pay, not what your about to start making.If you can prove it, we can use it! 


  • How often do you get paid, weekly, bi weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, direct deposit, check and or cash? How does your employer pay you, check, cash or direct deposit?


  • Do you receive check stubs, an are your wages direct deposited, cashed checks, cash app, venmo, paypal, or cash tips? 


  • How Long have you been employed and is it direct hire or through a temp agency? What is the employers name on your check stubs?


  • Do you have any repos, if so, how many and through which dealers/banks? Voluntary repos are still considered repos and how long did you have each one, before they went south on you?


  • Do you have any Open Auto Loans, current or passed Due? This would include any vehicles you are co signed on as well.


  • Have you ever filed a Bankruptcy which is now Open or Discharged/Dismissed and what month an year was it dismissed/discharged?


The responses may be text to the Internet Sales Direct Line as well for a faster response time @ 214-929-9027

Please Note - No Social Security # nor Identification # has been requested nor Needed in this Pre Approval Process, as this is only used to expedite the approval process and save the customer time and gas before scheduling an appointment with a Finance Specialist at our loction.So please be detailed and accurate with your responses.

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